Welcome to the Breckenridge!

We hope you are enjoying your vacation in the Mountains of Breckenridge

Established in 1859, Breckenridge is a historic town in Summit County Colorado with roughly 4,000 residents. This authentic Colorado mountain town welcomes visitors with its laid back atmosphere along with modern amenities to make their stay truly relaxing and convenient. No wonder Breckenridge is dubbed as the perfect mountain town, making tourists feel like they are just home regardless of the season. From outdoor adventures to shopping and dining, this beautiful mountain town has something in store for you.

With lively festivities, great events and happenings, Breckenridge is bustling with fun at every stop. For over a hundred years, this quaint historic town has retained its rich character and billing as a perfect mountain resort. Every visitor will be captivated by its enchanting mountain spirits, reaching as high as 13,000 feet at the ski resort peak, making you feel you’re on top of the world.

This cool Victorian town boasts of a magnificent mountain views and natural beauty. It has myriad of events all year round enough to keep every visitor busy. The moment you set foot in Breckenridge, you will know that this is what a real ski town is all about. It can transform every tourist coming by feeding his soul with fresh enthusiasm and energy.

A casual stroll down the fabulous main street will let you discover a host of quaint boutiques and shops for a great round of shopping. You can also choose to relax in a cozy café and satisfy your cravings. Known for its abundant festivities, Breckenridge throws a street party never seen in any resort community.

With a plethora of vacation rental properties in the heart of the town, staying in Breckenridge is just like living in your real home. Its rich heritage and culture is waiting to be discovered. So relax and have fun in the amazing Breckenridge town. Surely the memories will linger for a long, long time.


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